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The world of photography has changed due to modern technology. With the likes of smartphones, photo-apps, computers, photo-sharing and websites such as Instagram and Facebook, millions of photo images are captured and shared on a daily basis.  The "selfie" is the most popular style of photography in this modern day. So with all this access to photos and selfies so easy to do yourself, why would you want to have your photographs taken in a professional photographic studio? Here we will show you the benefits of adding a professional touch in having a professional photo shoot done in a studio setting, to that of a self made "selfie" and the difference between the two!

The Selfie

Today the "selfie" is taken world wide by the average person, celebrities, politicians and world leaders. The selfie phenomenon has been exploited by many celebrities including Kim Kardashian. It is estimated that the typical Millennial will take around 45,000 selfies during their lifetime.

Selfies are loads of fun and allow us to tell our story no matter where you are! But they rarely make us look our best even after we manipulate them with many changes, before sharing them on social media. They can look distorted due to the wide angle camera phone lens and lack the quality of a professional photographic portrait.

The Professional Studio Photoshoot

While the lifetime of a selfie is short lived and we are always replacing one with another searching for the "perfect pic" the life of a professional studio portrait can be a lifetime.

A professional photoshoot will make you look your best with the right lighting, equipment, skills and knowledge of a professional photographer and is more effective than any selfie could ever be. It's the personal story of you, your family, pets and extended family and friends. It can also mark an important event or occasion in your life. It is a piece of art attached with many memories you would be proud to hang on a wall in your home.

At "Exclusive Photography" we have a hair stylist and make-up artist who work together with our professional photographer to guarantee your photoshoot is lots of fun and the most amazing experience of your lifetime.


Long live the "selfie" in this day and age has an important role to play, but it will never win over a professional photoshoot and a portrait that will give you a lifetime of special memories.



Exclusive Admin
Exclusive Admin